Materials Handling

The products in this range have been designed and developed by OST-Africa with a long life, minimal maintenance philosophy.
Products include the following:
Dynamic impact beds, High impact torsion bars, Skirt clamps, Skirt wings, Duff feeder as well as Belt scrapers


Hit Systems Belt Scrapers

Dynamic Impact Beds

Oscillating Systems specializes in the design, construction and installation of dynamic impact beds for transfer chutes in the mining, quarry and timber Industries.

High Impact Torsion Bar

Our HIT System is a design combination of a heavy duty idler frame with a high impact torsion arm system. This product specifically addresses the impact problems that mining and industrial companies have at their discharge chutes. The HIT system is designed for all belt sizes and fits onto all standard spec (SABS) stringer systems. The purpose of the HIT system is to absorb the impact of the material which falls onto the belt. We can customise the design for the application that is required.

Skirt Clamps

Our Skirt Clamp design is a unique clamping device, which does not require the adjusting of fasteners. Various clamping forces which are required in different applications are possible. Installation is simple. The cost of ownership is minimized because of the life expectancy of the product and the reduced maintenance time that is required to fit or adjust skirting rubber.

Duff Feeder

Our Duff Feeder collects and conveys duff from underneath belt scrapers down to collection points. Duff Feeders are designed to allow access for maintenance of conveyor rollers and belt scrapers.

Primary Belt Scraper

Primary Belt Scrapers are the first belt cleaning device normally used by industrial and mining operations at conveyor transfer points. This device is capable of removing up to 80% of the material that clings to the conveyor belt. We have endeavored to address all aspects required for effective belt cleaning. This scraper can be installed into almost any designed transfer point. It can work directly on the head pulley, but is able to float on the surface of the belt at an even pressure.

Secondary Belt Scraper

Secondary Belt Scraper design can remove more than 95% of the material that clings to a conveyor belt after discharging into the chute. This unit can be installed singularly or in tandem. The vernier arm on each end ensures that the optimum cleaning angle will be maintained at all times. The Scraper is designed with segmented buffers, operating independently from each other. The Neidhart unit in the vernier arms and buffers ensures that the blades make contact with the conveyor belt at all times.

Niche Screens and Feeders

Oscillating Systems has formed a new division known as “Screen Doctor” which designs and manufactures a range of screens and feeders for the food, industrial, mining and other sectors.